Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have found Jesus. He was standing on top of a big hill looking down at a very nice beach. I kind of got the feeling that he'd like to go down there and chill, but only after he changed out of his robes. Those didn't look like beach-wear.

I am in San Sebastian now, have been for the last few days. The first couple of days were gray and cold. Unfortunate, since the only thing to do here is hang out at the beach. Or I could take a day trip down to Bilbao and see the Guggenheim but I'm slightly wary of doing that since a police officer was killed in a car bomb attack there yesterday. Anyway, today was sunny and I spent most of it on the beach, watching surfers. The waves were kind of huge. I think I'd like to try surfing, but I also kind of think that trying it would injure me irreparably. I might try it anyway tomorrow.

Anyway, off for another dinner of Nutella and crackers.


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