Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gra[n]d Weekend

In the past week, I've been to 4 graduation parties, which is honestly like 3 too many. Though of course I'm glad that everyone graduated. I remember when I graduated. I went to Mexico, Amsterdam, got double pink-eye, ear infections and a sinus infection. And then I was unemployed for 3 months and made an afghan (which I sleep with every night).

Yeah, there were some ups and downs.

So on to the grads. Marissa got her Masters in Amsterdam and is now cleaning out her Grandfather's garage. Katie finished nursing school and is going to Ecuador (not forever--just a few months). She's doing mission-work. Hannah finished high school and is taking a year off before college to play in a band, write a novel and work. Dan finished undergrad (French) and might join the Peace Corps. My sister also graduated this month, though we didn't have a party. Her degree is in Spanish, and she is now playing Frisbee in Portugal.

I think the time immediately post-college is special and different for everyone. It is truly a time of transition. A time to discover where your intrests lie and to pursue them at last, as an adult. It is a time to acheive, and to realize, and to watch day-time TV. Lots of day-time TV. Thank God my time of discovery is over.