Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am lying in bed wearing my new bathrobe and reading Pride and Prejudice. While I would generally not call this an efficient use of my time, it's Sunday and I don't care.

When I'm being pretentious I tell people I read Pride and Prejudice every Spring. Truthfully, I have maybe read it twice. But I do like it. And I watch the A&E mini-series with Colin Firth often.

I've got a busy weekend coming up. This last weekend was rather chill and I had many plans which fell through and so ended up mostly just laying around reading, but next weekend is packed. It is Oktoberfest in Fremont and me and a bunch of people are going out. I went last year (goodness time flies,) and it was great. I tried many different kinds of beer and afterward we all went to a bar and I stole a glass. Very rowdy. So hopefully that will be fun. This coming weekend is also Italian Fest at the Seattle Center. I might check that out with my friend Natalie and possibly other friends who went to Italy as well. Also, it is Nicole's 22nd birthday. A bunch of people are going out to dinner for that. For a present, I got her a book of dog jokes from the New Yorker and a photoshoped picture of Leonardo DiCaprio.

I hope she enjoys them both. I also hope she doesn't read this. I don't think many people do, so there's a good chance she won't.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shopping Spree and Plants

I have bought winter clothes, now I just need winter to get here. It's been really warm the last few days, which has irked me, because it's also been deceptively cloudy. If it's going to be seventy degrees out, then it shouldn't be overcast and raining.

Anyway. I appear to have watered my houseplant (John) to death. After dumping a left over glass of water, of which I have many, into his pot, I heard a weird drip-drip noise. Turns out the water quite overflowed the pot John's planted in and ran all down the back of my small bookcase (not the one my Grandpa made me, thank goodness). It was a hassle to move the thing and clean up all the water. John's drying out in the bathroom for the next little while, and my bookcase seems very empty with no green-leafyness climbing up the wall. But I think he'll be okay after a few dry days.

I used to have a bunch of house plants in my room but having cats put an end to that. They were constantly being knocked over or eaten and John alone survived the Great House-Plant Purge of 2008. Lets hope he survives my inability to finish glasses of water in ways that don't involve me dumping them over his top-soil.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Blah. Rain. Blah.

Days like today I tend to not shower and just sit around drinking lots of tea. And so it is today. There's a Bones marathon on and I've been sitting in my chair doing nothing all day. My cats have joined me in my lethargy and have been napping on my bed since 10 am.

Yuck. I always over-brew my tea.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I put up curtains today. It took two tries--more like one and a half, really--and taught me a valuable lesson in spatial thinking.

They are gold colored and flow-y. I feel very accomplished.

Show Me Your Teeth

I went to the Orthodontist yesterday to pick up my new retainer. It is pink. This will be the third new retainer I've had in the recent past. After I lost my long time retainer in Florence and went without tooth-restraints for three or so months, one of my front teeth moved. But my intrepid orthodontist is working diligently to correct this slight imperfection in my otherwise impeccable smile. It seems to be working so far, and honestly, after this retainer I'm done. All this dental movement is giving me a headache.