Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am lying in bed wearing my new bathrobe and reading Pride and Prejudice. While I would generally not call this an efficient use of my time, it's Sunday and I don't care.

When I'm being pretentious I tell people I read Pride and Prejudice every Spring. Truthfully, I have maybe read it twice. But I do like it. And I watch the A&E mini-series with Colin Firth often.

I've got a busy weekend coming up. This last weekend was rather chill and I had many plans which fell through and so ended up mostly just laying around reading, but next weekend is packed. It is Oktoberfest in Fremont and me and a bunch of people are going out. I went last year (goodness time flies,) and it was great. I tried many different kinds of beer and afterward we all went to a bar and I stole a glass. Very rowdy. So hopefully that will be fun. This coming weekend is also Italian Fest at the Seattle Center. I might check that out with my friend Natalie and possibly other friends who went to Italy as well. Also, it is Nicole's 22nd birthday. A bunch of people are going out to dinner for that. For a present, I got her a book of dog jokes from the New Yorker and a photoshoped picture of Leonardo DiCaprio.

I hope she enjoys them both. I also hope she doesn't read this. I don't think many people do, so there's a good chance she won't.

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