Monday, March 14, 2011

Sarah's First Day

Today was Sarah's first day working with me! I think she thought it was boring. I thought it was boring. But it was nice having her at work. We ate girl scout cookies and she proof-read SCL stuff while I wrote handouts. =/

Maybe life will be more exciting when we start that survey.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jersey Shore Thursday

Still so busy! But I do have some fun stuff coming up. Tomorrow I am getting a facial and a pedicure, Saturday I'm going dancing, and Sunday I'm writing articles about the Science of North Western Vertebrate Biology! And I just bought a coupon for a three-hour African cooking class that I'm going to take with my best friend Maureen! Yay!

In addition to my busy social life, work has also been crazy. As you know, I am an assistant consultant in Mill Creek, and work has been good. I got a raise last week and am moving upstairs to a new office. And, my sister is coming to work in my office. She starts on Monday. Today, I cleaned out my desk for her. I hope she likes working there. We've worked together a couple of times before, at the Events Center ticket office and at the Senior Center, and both times were good. I think it will be fun, we can carpool and have lunch together, and work out after work together. She will probably get tired of it/me in a week. But at least we will save on gas.

And now I'm watching The Jersey Shore, because it's Thursday and there is a new episode on. I know this show is terrible, but I can't look away. I watched one episode a few weekends ago and was instantly hooked. It's like heroin.