Monday, December 28, 2009

My Hat

I bought a fur hat. Just thought everyone should know.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last One!

I am writing my Last!Paper. Yes, after Monday I will no longer be a college student with a part-time job. I will be an unemployed graduate with no job prospects! Though hopefully I'll at least have a tan, since I'm heading off to Mexico on Wednesday, one day after I graduate.

When I said I was writing my last paper you may have noticed that I used the present tense. Yes I am writing it right now. I have a feeling I will be writing it right up until tomorrow, when I have to take the final for the class the paper is due in. And seriously, who gives a paper and makes it due the day of the final? It is not a helpful study aid. I might go so far as to say it is an anti-study aid.

I've had a good week, aside from last-minute school stuff. I went to happy hour with my friend Aquila at Iver's, which was delicious and crowded, since it was a Friday. I never go to happy hour on Fridays. Usually I go on Sundays, with my parents. Wow, that sentence made me sad. How did I skip the 'going to bars and getting blackout drunk' phase of life and end up in the 'eating dinner at 4:30 and having one and a half beers' stage? Oh well. Maybe I'll end up doing it backwards like Benjamin Button, and when I'm sixty I'll throw crazy keggers and stuff.

Aquila's doing well, she seems to be dating a guy named Aaron. They might just be the perfect couple, because they are both bowlers. No, I do not mean ballers, I mean bowlers, like they both enjoy the sport of bowling. Aaron is on a league, and Aquila was on our high school bowling team. No, really, she was actually quite popular.

Leah's getting married, which I don't think I've talked about in this blog but if I deign to speak to you in real life we've probably talked about it. She's going dress shopping while I'm on vacation, which is a bummer since I love shopping and the TV show 'say yes to the dress' and this would be the perfect combination of those two things. But I guess she's got to buy a dress someday, so no hard feelings, Leah, if you're reading this.

On Tuesday I am going to a potluck with my Italian friends, or should I say amici, and I anticipate awesomeness. I am going to bring fried chicken, because any occasion I have to eat fattening fried food immediately before I am forced to live in a bikini for 6 days is not something I can say no to.