Friday, September 11, 2009

Ghost Hunting Part II

Let me answer the burning question first: no, we didn't find any ghosts.

We went to a supposedly haunted civil war cemetery in Seattle. Things started out very promising, we saw dozens of crows perched on tombstones, all very Hitchcock (to coin a phrase from the terrible, terrible new show 'vampire diaries' on the CW), and we also found a grave with 6 dead babies. But it really wasn't that creepy. And there was no evidence of goulies or ghosties, which was a disappointment. Though honestly, I knew there wouldn't be, and I don't even believe in ghosts. It would have been nice to find a Scooby-Doo type villain though, some guy in a sheet or something.

But I had sushi and coffee, so I suppose it wasn't a wasted night. And there's still the haunted pub crawl too look forward to in October. My ghost hunting days aren't over yet.