Thursday, May 27, 2010

Speaking of Single Ladies...

I am planning my friend Leah's Bachlerette party. Suffice it to say I was unaware of the full extent of this undertaking. It's all consuming. I probably think about this party once every ten minutes, and that's only a slight exaggeration.

Of course it will be legendary.

I would tell the internets all about it right here on this blog, but it's a top secret event and the details cannot be disclosed at this time. Possibly the events of the night in question will be told someday, (after they occur on June 26th, 2010), but for now, it must remain a secret.

Friday, May 21, 2010

All the Single Ladies

So I haven't blogged for awhile, I've been pretty busy. Busy with what, you good for nothing unemployed penniless lay-about, you might ask?

I got an internship!

It's at Communication Resources Northwest, which is a sort of consulting firm. It's cool so far, everyone's been really nice. My Aunt Darla knows a woman who works there and she got me the interview. I'm glad to be working, finally, though now I find myself missing day-time TV. Oh well. One must make certain sacrifices to earn a living, I suppose.

So anyway, I've been busy. But not busy enough to stop me from making funny videos, apparently.

Here's another Italian Stick Figure Cartoon. My friends really liked dancing randomly, and the Single Ladies dance was a favorite. If you haven't seen the original video, here it is: