Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogger Resume

EDUCATION: I graduated from the University of Washington in December 2009 with a double degree in Communications and Anthropology. It could be worse. I could be an English Major.

WORK HISTORY: Most recently I worked at the Everett Senior Center, which I feel has prepared me for all sorts of strange and confrontational customer interactions and co-worker weirdness.

SKILLS: I am skilled at multitasking. For example, I often watch TV on my netbook while blogging on my laptop all while simultaneously job-searching. This requires the ability to split my focus without decreasing the quality of my work. I have many skillz. For serial.

ACTIVITIES: Mostly I watch TV. I have a schedule-Buffy at 9, Supernatural at 10, Say Yes to the Dress at 11, What Not to Wear at 12. And sometimes I work out. Those are my activities.

I hope I find a job soon. This is getting ridiculous.