Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I start my life drawing class on Monday! As you can tell from the exclamation point, I am very excited, though slightly weirded out about the fact that I'll have to draw naked people. But if I'm going to become a world-famous artist, I guess I'll have to get used to it.

Also, I said I'd scan and upload some of my drawings, so here is a picture I drew of Kiki, our cat:

Yes she looks that disgruntled in real life.

Maureen Inc.

So Maureen (and her husband Jake) have started a business! The website is here. The company is called RedBone Development (Redbone, like the dog. Because they have one of those dogs, named Fiona). They create websites for small businesses that are "easy to update, manage and grow along with their company."

I hope they get lots and lots of business and make lots of amazing websites! Which they will, because they are very talented.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sarah quit/was fired and now work is terribly boring. I definitely saw it coming, she'd been talking about leaving for weeks, but now I have no one to have lunch with and I am lonely.

I've tried having lunch with Kristina, the only other coworker who is my age, but she makes me run lunch-errands with her (the bank, the gas station), and that is just not something I want to do during the 30 minutes I have for lunch. I can hardly stand to run my own errands, let alone another person's.

So I'm working on the lunch situation. Though as I've recently decided that I'm fat, I might try to stop eating lunch altogether. And when that inevitably results in me, ravenous at 2:30pm, raiding our work kitchen and eating four chocolate bars, then maybe I can start just packing a lunch and eating in my office.

I have started counting calories, actually. I guess that's how I know summer is coming-I start thinking about having to wear a bikini and I stop eating mashed potatoes. Though maybe the way the weather is this year, I can keep eating as much as I want, as I don't really see myself going to the beach in the rain/overcast chilliness we've been having lately.