Thursday, October 7, 2010


Alaska Structures called back and offered me a job!

I start on Monday.

Not really. They did call to offer me a job, but I totally blew them off because they're crazy jerks. It was very satisfying. I hope I find another job.


  1. ooo megan, money is money even when jobs suck.... but I feel u they were nuts.

  2. Aquila, when you've worked there for a week they make you go to a public park and scream the entire song "Mary Had a Little Lamb" at a tree. And also go to Nordstrom's and bargain for normal, regularly priced clothing. Like ask for 50% off. I don't need money that badly. Like, ever. And I don't need a job that would try to control my life in so many strange ways. It's like prostitution. It's degrading. I am better than that.

    Wow, obviously still bitter. But darn it I need you to agree with me 100% on this for some reason.

  3. wait are u serious about the singing?? bwahhhahahaa ok ok I agree 100% i do I doo bwahhahahah that is sooooo creepy. I bet they suck ur blood too and want ur frist born child.