Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Still looking for a job. Starting to think that my policy of not taking jobs when they're offered to me is somehow faulty. Requires further reflection.

On a job-searching note, I sent in some writing samples for a possible blogging job with the company Maureen works for. I'm not feeling good about it though, because everyone at the company has been really hard to get a hold of--not 'playing hard to get' a hold of, more like 'we're not interested in you so we're just not gonna call you back' a hold of. And Maureen's been avoiding my emails. She was present at my interview (which occurred in a bar), and her radio silence has made me wonder if I did something ridiculously inappropriate without realizing it.

It seems like the sort of thing I'd do, especially when you consider my past interview experiences (See The Dog Incident).

1 comment:

  1. Nooooo! Not the case! I am not involved in the hiring process anymore, but I'm telling you communication is poor! I think they are refining the hiring process right now, but again, I'm not involved! They may be holding you off until they find more candidates. I don't know.

    And really, you should know I am notorious for never answering my phone or emailing. Please don't take radio silence personally. Even jake can't get a hold of me if we're not in the same room.