Monday, August 2, 2010

PI: Post-Internship

I am a victim of my own efficiency: My last work day was supposed to be August 14th, but I haven't been to work since Tuesday--I've run out of things to do there.

My mind rebels at stagnation. Luckily it seems I won't have too long an intermission this time, as I had an interview at Starbucks on Friday. It went well except for the beginning, when I spilled a lot of coffee on myself. It occurred before the interviewer, Jason, came out to see me. So the first thing my (possible) future employer saw of me was a coffee stained shirt, which is not the first impression I usually strive to make. I hope I get this (barista) job despite my lacking first impression, it would help me not to be completely bored while my main job search continues. Also I would get free coffee and be able to chat with my friends Nicole and Jenna during work hours, since they also work at that location.

I am going in to work at Communication Resources on Monday for at least half a day, it seems that they have some small thing for me to do--which I am grateful for, of course, though I have gotten used to sleeping in of a weekday.

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  1. awwwww they say the only way to get real job security is to make yourself irreplaceable... but you are irreplaceable in my heart, which matters more :)