Monday, July 5, 2010


The party was an awesome success! Here are pictures:

First we went to Ivar's in Seattle, and had happy hour. It was delicious.

After dinner we went to the Can Can and saw a show. And what a show! It was kind of a burlesque thing, very French. Our party had a VIP table right in front of the stage and we all had a glass of champagne while we watched the performance. I think we all enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure Leah did.

After the show we tried to go dancing, but it was pretty late so we ended up dispersing. But it was a good night.

And last Thursday was Leah's Bridal Shower (The wedding events will never end!). It was fun, we all went to Leah's parent's house and had dinner, played a 'How Well Do You Know The Bride' game (which I lost really, really badly), made a scrapbook for Leah out of the pictures we all brought and opened presents. Well, she opened presents. I got her this, a tee-shirt with the periodic table of elements on it, that you can color on with washable markers. I think she liked it.

Now the wedding stuff is done until the wedding. Yay!

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