Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Bound to Happen

I have compiled a list of things that will certainly happen if you travel anywhere at all, ever in your life.

1. You will get lost. Really, truly lost, probably in the middle of the night when you are alone. Definitely after the trams/buses have stopped running. Most likely in the rain.

2. You will take a taxi, either because you forgot to get directions to your hotel or because you are too exhausted to find a bus.

3. You will break an American law, probably a small one like riding on the back of a bicycle.

4. You will drink interesting beer.

5. You will drink too much interesting beer.

6. You will take ridiculous pictures which your friends might forbid you to post on the internet.

7. You will get sick. You will also forget to pack tissues or appropriate amounts of cold medicine.

8. You will run out of socks and/or underwear. When you get home, you will discover that you actually had 10 additional pairs in your zip-off day pack that you never thought to check for. You will then regret turning everything inside out for the last week of your journey.

9. You will get sunburned or frost bitten.

10. You will eventually stop showering.

11. Your facebook friends will triple.

12. You will forget to send postcards.

13. You will see terrifying bathrooms. They will be one of the main factors in your shower-taking cut backs. The other factor may be laziness.

14. You will find a new favorite food which is impossible to come by at your permanent residence.

15. You will leave something behind.

16. You probably won't notice though, because you'll buy so many random souvenirs that you'll be frantically preoccupied looking for luggage space every time you have to repack.

17. Once you get home, you'll appreciate your bed more then you ever have before, now being able to compare it to floors and bunk beds and trundle beds and cots and having to share a twin mattress.

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