Friday, January 8, 2010


I have an addition to the list in my previous post;

18. You will spend the night in an airport.

Nicole and I are spending the night in the luxurious Copenhagen airport. There was some confusion with our schedule and Marissa booked less nights at the hotel then were originally in the plan. Nicole and I didn't think to double check the days, since it was all written down in the e-mail we'd been sending around, but Marissa must have misunderstood the times because she only booked the hotel until today and was set to fly back to Amsterdam today instead of tomorrow, when Nicole and I are scheduled to.

Of course we found all this out today when we tried to check in for our flight, which isn't really until tomorrow.

We attempted to change our flight, but apparently they 'don't have that concept' here.

So Nicole and I said farewell to Marissa at noon and went to Christiania, an interesting neighborhood in Copenhagen which began in the 70's as a community of squatters. After that we had hot chocolate and juice, and saw a movie. Now we are back at the airport, sleeping on the floor. I feel like I'm doing a lot of that, this vacation.

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