Monday, November 23, 2009

Why Life Would be Better if it was More Like Star Trek

Reasons Life Would be Better if it was More Like Star Trek:

1. Transporters would eliminate the need for me taking the bus to school and/or walking from the bus stop to class in the pouring rain/snow/hail/too bright sun/insert unpleasant weather here. They would also make stairs unnecessary.

2. Vulcans.

3. Star Fleet uniforms--getting dressed everyday would be so much easier. I switched outfits 3 times this morning. If Start Trek was real, I would just wear a blue science uniform everyday with crazy tall boots.

4. My cat would be a tribble. Actually, it would be, like, 20 tribbles, cause they reproduce at crazy fast rates.

5. I would be able to defeat enemies with a single running kick. One kick, every time, alla James Kirk. Of course, if the pattern holds, whenever I fought anyone my shirt would get torn. But I could wear undershirts.

6. I might meet Abraham Lincoln. Because he was in the Star Trek episode the Savage Curtain. He is my favorite president.

7. If Star Trek was real, there is also a possibility that I could meet my evil twin. She might have a goatee, but it would still be cool. It would not be cool if it turns out I am the evil twin. I am not entirely sure how we would decide who was the evil twin, but I'm sure we'd figure something out.

8. Andorian Ale. Cause I bet that stuff is good.

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