Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things I Lost on my Trip

I got lost a lot while I was traveling, even though I made sure to always have a map. I lost other things too. Here is a list of things I lost on my trip:

1. My retainer--Lost in Florence. Probably under my bed in the hostel we stayed at. It was a nice hostel so at least my retainer has a good home now. I got a replacement the first week I was back home, which cost $155. And it turns out my two front teeth had moved, so the new retainer hurt for a month while it moved my giant teeth back.

2. Two right-eye contact lenses--I always lose the right one. Never the left.

3. The heel of my left shoe--I walked until these shoes rotted from my feet. They died a good death though, and are buried in Italy, also known as shoe Heaven.

4. Weight--Yeah right. I wish.

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