Thursday, August 20, 2009

Koznek Family Fun Day!

We were supposed to go camping this week but for reasons I am still not clear on but suspect involve my Dad's work we instead opted to stay home and have Koznek Family Fun Week. Though actually it was just 3 days. This is what we did:

Tuesday: Went to the Woodland Park Zoo and saw lions and tigers and bears. And penguins. The zoo has a whole new penguin exhibit/habitat, which is very nice. It would be even better if we'd seen it without the hordes of wailing children. Mom had to rest half way through and missed the bears, on account of her broken foot. Then we ate sushi.

Wednesday: Went crabbing and an ill-tempered crab pinched my index finger and broke right through the nail. I had no idea they could pinch so hard. It still hurts. Came home and boiled the little suckers to death. Satisfying, though I hate eating crab.

Thursday: Went canoeing at the UW and then had dinner at Redhook. The waitress brought my 20 year old sister a beer on accident. We did not correct her mistake and had a very fun dinner.

And that was the end of family fun week.

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