Monday, June 22, 2009

Night at the Airport

At night, when no one is around, all the planes in the airport come alive and have adventures in the abandoned corridors and fly all over the place like over-excited bats.

No, not really. It's not even that quiet in the airport at night. Not quiet in the 24 hour food court, anyway, and especially not quiet right next to the only working power outlet in the whole damn airport.

As I sit here typing this at about midnight, I am totally surrounded by luggage carts and tired people. many of them are eating fried foods from the Open 24 Hours! food court right across from me. Quite a lot of these poor tired souls are totally scoping out my power outlet, which I am using to charge my nearly dead computer. I will let someone else have a turn as soon as the light on my netbook goes green, because I am just that magnanimous.

After my computer charges I will scrapbook.

What? You ask, Megan, scrap booking? *insert noise of disbelief.

I know. But we had to make journal/scrapbooks for our final project in Italy and I decided that it wouldn't be complete unless I did my whole trip. So, like a deranged and confused squirrel, I have been hording scraps of take-out menus, tourist guides and museum pamphlets. But instead of making a nest or simply devouring these scraps as a squirrel might do I will make a scrapbook out of them. And I think that this is a wonderful awake-for-14-hours-sitting-on-the-cold-floor-of-an-airport-not getting-any-sleep project. I am sure the end results of this late night scrap booking binge will be awesome.

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