Monday, May 4, 2009


I met a doppelgänger the other day. Well, I say met, but it was more like I sat behind him for Easter service and secretly took his picture when he was looking away from me. But anyway, look:

Does he remind you of someone? Someone who, perhaps, works at the Daily Planet and has a secret identity? Maybe I've given away how utterly nerdy I am, but when I saw this mysterious stranger the first thing I thought was "OMG Superman is catholic!"

It was so exciting it kept me awake for 10 whole minutes of Easter service.

This was not an isolated incident.

Last week I saw an Italian Robert Downey Jr. I sat across from him on the train. I really wanted to take a picture but he never fell asleep and I'm not enough of a creeper that I would take a picture of some stranger while he was awake and looking at me. Though I guess taking a picture of a stranger while they are asleep on a train is creepier. I still really wish he'd fallen asleep.

Based on these two sightings I have decided that Italy is full of doppelgängers. It is a strange mirror world where everyone's double lives. Perhaps I shall meet my double and the world will explode, because so much coolness cannot be contained in one dimension.

Though I kind of doubt my double lives in Rogliano, so the world is probably safe.

For now.


  1. ooooo look for me? wait are there black people there???

  2. Since I can't figure out how to work this site and whether or not I can message you, a comment shall suffice.

    I saw the Star Trek movie today. And I recall that you like Star Trek(?), which actually made me want to see it. And it was amazing.

    Just so you know.