Friday, April 24, 2009

Q & A Session with Megan

Q: What is the best food in Italy?

A: Pizza in Italy is made by God and sent fresh from Heaven's oven to my tummy. All the other food I've had so far kind of reminds me of Olive Garden, but more expensive. Non mi piace.

Q: What is the weather like in Italy?

A: In April it rained. Lots. Piove. Molto. And everyone here must have a secret extra-dimensional pocket in their fancy Italian clothes where they hide umbrellas, because every time it starts to rain I look around and I am suddenly adrift in a sea of umbrellas where no umbrellas were visible before. Though now it is raining less and being unreasonably hot more. Which I guess is better than rain.

Q: Should I skip classes on Wednesday April 29th to go see my sister in Venice?

A: Yes. The hostel is booked and I am freaking excited. I just have to be sure to be back in time to bus it down to Rogliano. Because although it would be exciting to figure out how to get down there, actually, it wouldn't. It would suck. I am so bad at planning things, I would probably end up walking.

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