Friday, March 27, 2009

The Sound of Settling

I am blogging from my small twin bed, specifically from under the covers of my small twin bed.

"But Megan, why are you under the covers?" You ask.

I am here because it is really freaking cold in my apartment. Apparently everyone in Italy turns off their heat for the summer, and luckily we arrived after the heat went off. On the bright side, if i am ever asked the question, "would you rather freeze to death or suffocate," I now have a ready answer. Suffocate, definitely.

But I don't mean to complain. Well, maybe I do, but it totally doesn't matter. I'm in ROME!

Shall I recount my adventures getting here? Yes? Alrighty then.

No problems on the plane rides over, unless me hating being on a plane for more then 2 hours at a time is a problem. It totally is, but only for me so I'm not sure it counts. On the first flight the guy next to me ordered two jack and cokes and whimpered every time we hit turbulence. I laughed, but only on the inside because it's cruel to laugh when a big tough-looking guy is afraid of flying.

When I transferred in Philadelphia I bought a cheese burger happy-meal from McDonald's. Don't judge me. Check out my prize!

And eventually I arrived in Rome. I made my way to baggage claim and had no problems with my luggage. I knew everything had been going too well so I wasn't really surprised when I couldn't find my taxi-buddies. We had agreed to meet in front of the taxi parking, so I parked myself in a chair and waited, luggage scattered at my feet like fawning disciples. I stared at the arrivals door for maybe an hour to no avail. Then I caught a train to the Stazione Termini, where I walked what I think was a mile through the train station before I found an exit and caught a taxi the rest of the way to the Rome center.

It was a daring and independent start to my trip and it totally made me feel like a bad-ass adventurer, but I wish I could have caught a cheap shared taxi right to the Rome center's front door. I found out today that BOTH my taxi-buddies had missed their flights. Lame. I am obviously a cooler adventurer than them. It's like Indiana Jones vs. an explorer who is lame. I tried to find a lame explorer for this comparison, but entering "Lame Explorer" in Google was surprisingly ineffective.

My apartment is cool, I have 4 other roommates, Mary, Kelsey, Roxana and Natalie. Mary, Kelsey and I took a room in the front with a window. Roxana and Natalie took a room with two doors. Rooms with two doors confuse me. Anyway, our apartment rocks. I speak with authority because I have seen another group's apartment, the 9 person one, and ours is way better. Here is the first in the "pictures of my apartment" segment:

My Bedroom

See? Awesome. More pics of the apartment later.

So I am pretty much settled in. I unpacked my bag and arranged my bed and laid out my pajamas, which made me homesick because it's not something I ever do but my Mom does. I'm not sure why I did it, other then I had reached the pajama layer in my luggage and didn't want to put them in a drawer when I was planning on wearing them in an hour or so.

Speaking of pajamas, I will now put mine on. It is totally bedtime for this jet-lagged action-adventurer.


  1. You used the luggage tag I gave you :) Yay!
    I'm glad that you arrived safe and sound and with luggage intact. I hope that you try to fit in some semi-regular posts because it is fun to read about your adventures. It's like having your voice inside my head :)

  2. Megan I MISS YOU...

    Tell me when and where you will be during May and June please. EMAIL ME NOW!!!!