Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not Chosen After All

I did not have jury duty after all. My group wasn't chosen the whole week. But that's okay, because it left me free to enjoy all the days off I had from work for Christmas break.

I had Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday off, and it was awesome. And I think I'm finally over my cold after all the wonderful rest I got. And rest was necessary after the week I had leading up to Christmas. It was busy with work and parties and last minute shopping.

I hosted a Christmas party the week before Christmas. It might have been crazy to schedule it then, but was the only time I had available. About twenty people came over (all couples but 2 people! Me and my friend Kamil!!) and there was food (delicious appetizers!) and drinks (cherry gin-gria and hot buttered spiced cider!) and I wore an amazing dress. Everyone had fun, even me, though it made me pretty exhausted and involved lots of cleanup.

And the day after my party I went to my work Christmas party where we drank tea in Bothell Country Village and then made jewelry. And then I had five days off. Merry Christmas to me!

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