Monday, January 4, 2010


We are in Copenhagen, Denmark now. We have a very strange hotel. It is called the CabInn and it's like living in an airplane. The bathroom is exactly like an airplane bathroom except there's a shower right in the middle of it, like there was in Marissa's apartment.

The beds are very strange also. There is one regular type bed, and underneath it is a trundle bed. High above the regular bed is the loft bed. It is very high up, and to reach it you need a ladder but there isn't one attached to the bed. There is a detachable ladder on the wall near the door though, which you can hook onto the bed.

When she saw it, Nicole said "I feel like we're in Peewee's Playhouse: there are detachable ladders."

I agreed.

I am on the top bunk, Nicole has the regular bed and Marissa has the trundle bed, as Nicole and I were both tired of sleeping on the floor. So far it's snowed twice since we've been here and it continues to be very cold.

Today we saw the royal palace and the crown jewels and I got yelled at by a guard with a big machine gun for trying to get a picture in his guard booth. I didn't know it was a guard booth, it looked like a coat closet. But he didn't shoot me, so whatever.

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