Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Ninja Skills

Last weekend I went to Florence. It was fine. The train ride was 4 hours of lame, and for the first 2 hours I slept, sunglasses on and mouth wide open, head lolling to the side like an idiot. I admire my roommates restraint in not taking a million pictures of me in that state. If our positions had been reversed, I totally wouldn't have been so considerate. Don't believe me? Check out exhibit A.

Exhibit A

Anyway, the weather was okay, my roommates and I saw the Uffizi Museum (interesting, but the Birth of Venus was not as awesome as I expected,) the Galleria dell'Accademia (the museum was smaller than I thought it would be, but so, so amazing. Michelangelo's David was badass). We also saw the Duomo, (nice, but too tall,) and climbed the Duomo Dome, which has 463 steps. That part kind of sucked.

In the museums they had workers posted in every room whose only job as far as I could tell was to stand around and yell at people with cameras. I was told "No photo!" about 15 times. Luckily I am ninja and got lots of pics anyway. Like this one which I took standing right next to one of the museum sentries while using Morgan as a human shield:

So, that was Florence. Good times were had by all. Now it is back to classes and internships for me. Next weekend is Easter weekend and my roommates and I got tickets to the Vatican.

Yes, I will spend Easter with the Pope. We will chill and eat chocolate eggs and talk about Jesus. We might even become pen pals.

This is possibly a sign of the Apocalypse.


  1. i cannot believe you scored a picture of david! i tried to get a pic of a stupid violin there and they caught me! i'm now convinced, you truely are a ninja that sleeps on the ceiling. brava

  2. i love the pic of david I'm sooo jealous !!!!

  3. You freaking ninja, nice picture of my statue doppleganger though!