Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lame Explorer

My friend Maureen thought of a lame explorer. Dora the Explorer. So, I am like Indiana Jones, and Morgan and Caitlin (the people who missed their flights and my taxi) are like Dora the Explorer. There. Comparison complete.

And here are more "pictures of my apartment."

My Living/TV/Dining Room

It is all one room, but that just means it's cozy. There is a TV in the corner. We don't get many English programs. I think I've seen one. And the couches are more comfortable than the beds.

But at least we have heat now (the landlord turned it on for us because we are special) and a washing machine and we have figured out the stove (there was a knob to turn the gas on but it was in an unexpected place). So. Not a bad apartment. The boys in my program are in an apartment next to ours and their toilet/shower connection is messed up--things come out the wrong way.

Yes, things could definitely be worse.

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  1. Yes! Goal number one complete! My name is in the blog!